It's been almost 10 years that I create generators or transmuters of orgo-energy more commonly called orgonites. These are composed of resin, crystals and a good amount of metal.
Following the work of William Reich, we can see with a measuring device that the object thus created acts on electromagnetic waves, but it also acts positively on the human body and on the environment of the latter. Orgonites are therefore incredible transmuters of energy that act for the good of living beings: humans, animals, plants, but also water and the places where they are located.
Although there is of course no miracle but their effects are always felt, bringing well-being and beautiful energies to those who possess them.
I invite you to consult Scienvo's very detailed explanations and studies on its page, information.

I work EXCLUSIVELY in mediumship:
I connect myself with my Creator Guides in the Spirit World for the future recipient of orgonite.
You choose the desired shape from my mold catalog.
I ask you for a recent selfie photo of you, your couple, your family or your pet, depending on the request to be made.
I channel and receive from my Guides the *ingredients* to put in the orgonite: object, colors, symbols etc ... I have no influence on what is put in during the work and I only see the result when the object comes out of the mold. Orgonite vibrates in symbiosis with the person for whom it was created.
I also realize, according to a personal idea, orgonites souvenirs of lost animals including their photo, their hair and / or their ashes.
I am always fascinated by the feedback of recipients who often ask me how I knew their favorite color(s), symbols etc... I have no idea, I totally trust my Creator Guides, they know what is necessary for your orgonite to benefit you.


When ordering:
After choosing the shape model

  1. I make your orgonite for you (or as a gift for someone) in mediumship and I put what I receive as colors and ingredients so that it vibrates for you.
  2. I work the same way as 1 and also deliver you a written explanatory summary of the guidance given for you by my Spirit Guides.

Prices vary according to the achievements (weight, work in hours and option chosen)
For your information: all the models visible here are already taken, they are exposed as examples.


In order for orgonite to do its energetic work, it MUST absolutely be composed of:

  • Resin, if possible as environmentally friendly as possible. The harmfulness of an epoxy resin influences the energy of orgonite (and it makes perfect sense) which is why I work with an english eco-friendly polymer resin, the only one for the moment to have obtained a green label.
  • Composed of AT LEAST 50% of metal otherwise it will not be able to properly transmute the energies ... We see far too many products on the web that for this reason have absolutely no energy and, unfortunately, creators who persist in making transparency and make aesthetics their priority by including some metal shavings artistically arranged in the mass, they are unfortunately not orgonites.
  • Of enough pure rock crystals, we mean by this only macrocrystalline quartz: rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, pure citrine. At best, the crystals will be trapped between two layers of metal and will be able to work on the transmutation of energy.
  • Of love in conscience during its creation, which is why orgonites created in series have very little field of action.
  • Incidentally, SOUND is also very important, because the resin traps sounds during its solidification. That's why I ALWAYS work under music at very high vibrations during my creations, it also allows me to be better connected to my Spirit Guides.

EVERYTHING else is supplementary and, certainly, makes it beautiful to look at, but is not essential.

  • Also NOTE really: any addition of litho stones must be able to be done in knowledge of their properties because some stones are not compatible with each other, cancel or fight each other and alas, we get a result, which greatly weakens or even cancels the powers of orgonite.
  • Finally, wherever you go to choose your orgonites, always choose a craftman, avoid buying on the sites where each model is available identically dozens of times, they are decorative objects NOT orgonites in the energetic sense because each orgonite is unique.

The few photos on this page are an example of the wide choice I offer.
I only work through my Facebook page Orgo-Spirit-World.
You will find all my models available in the album *Available models* and all my past achievements with each time the details of each.
I am at your service with pleasure for your realisations via this web page. My orgonites are a passion, a hobby and not an assembly-line job. As working with the Spirit World is not done either by chain but out of love for humankind, whether here below or above.
My prices are studied as accurately as possible to match my working hours and the raw material used.
Shipments are made from Switzerland to Europe but are also possible beyond.
I am happy to answer your questions anytime