Mediumship is not a magic trick done for applause

It’s a spiritual endeavour that aims to heal, console, uplift, empower and validate our existence beyond our physical body

Helen Hughes
Spiritualist Medium and pioneer 1893-1956

Mediumistic art

Portrait of your loved ones, of one of your guides, abstract art inspired by your aura's reading and made with the help of a picture.

Evidential mediumship

Evidential contacts with your deceased loved ones made during a private video conference.

Animal communication

Evidential contacts with your pets in the Spirit World made with the help of a picture during a private video conference


Fully personalized creations of orgone generators made under mediumistic guidance.

Who am I?

Grief is like love with nowhere to go, Medium provide people with an avenue to let their love flow


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Examples of Orgo-Energies creations

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My heart's favorites

Eileen Davies
L.S.S.N.U. Medium

Exceptional medium. Do not hesitate to take her courses on her website or via the College, if you want to advance in your mediumship. Also attend her trance demonstrations where the exceptional is revealed with humility, sincerity, and wonderful love.

Ministre Lynn Parker
D.S.N.U.T. Medium

Remarkable Medium and renowned Teacher. Lynn's private interviews are very accurate. You will also be able to find her courses via the college page. Courses where benevolence meets techniques and accuracy.

International College Arthur Findlay

Belonging to the Spiritualist National Union, the College, of international reputation, offers an enormous variety of courses by highly qualified teachers and also weeks of foreign languages' mediumship courses. Hope to meet you there.